NY Open drama

Just a quick update, 

     Didn’t get to fight at the NY Open because of a weight issue. As I got there early and tested my weight on the scale, it said I was over by roughly 2.5 pounds. Which didn’t make sense, as the scale I had at home, and the scale at my girlfriends house said I was on weight with my gi on. 

     In any event, that is in the past and now i’m looking to compete at the big apple bjj open next month on the 17th. I will be keeping my training up and my diet will start to get tight again next week, as to make sure I’m well under when it’s time to weight in. 

If I could spend my whole day here, like I use to a few years ago I would.

If I could spend my whole day here, like I use to a few years ago I would.

NY Open Blog Post: 3/31/14

Training has been good. The diet currently has me at 183 pounds. Finally feeling like my body has adjusted to the food and training intensity should be picking up this week.

Going to be working the 2 on 1 more and the berimbolo to x guard. 

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NY Open Prep Blog #1 - 3/25/2014

     So far training and diet have been pretty rough. As of last night I was 186 pounds. I need to be 177 at the very least to make weight comfortably. I’m sticking with anywhere from 40-60g of carbohydrates a day, which is super low. 40g of fat and around 130-150g of protein a day. The diet is by far the hardest part of the whole prep. Mostly because it directly impacts my performance during training. 

     Training has been a whole different animal all together since i’ve changed my mental focus. Now during training i’m more aware of what I want to be doing in positions, and how fast I want to get there. I’ve been really trying to put together my halfguard game with my buttlerfly game, using closed guard as a backup in the even I have a misstep. 

     My training partners have come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some bigger but not as physically strong, others are smaller bunch much more explosive and aggressive. Since i’m aiming to be at middle, i’m trying to find partners who are both fast, strong and flexible. I want to be prepared for anyone who might be able to use brute force, or pure technique. 

Got my hands on a unused shoyoroll “Rolls” gi. It’s unbleached with brown. Wasn’t really into it when SYR launched it, but it’s pretty dope in person. It will probably just be a standby training gi.

IBJJF New York Spring International Open. 4.12.14

I’ve decided i’m going to be doing my first competition as a purple belt on April 12, 2014, at the IBJJF NY Spring Intl Open. I’ve done this competition at white and blue belt. I’ll be updating on my progress through training and losing weight to make the middle weight class (181 lbs with the Gi). 

Current goals:

  • Further refine techniques of which I use daily
  • Lose about 10 pounds to make weight class within 28 days
  • Train at least once a day, 6 days a week.
  • Add a day of drilling (Saturday before 12pm class)

These are the goals right now. They will change as the tournament date gets closer. This is mostly just for me to hold myself accountable. I’m going to go into the tournament with a positive mind to have fun, and enjoy the experience at a new belt. 


Types of Japanese Swords


Types of Japanese Swords

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